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LogoPugliami2017Pugliami cosmetics are made with organic Apulian extra-virgin olive oil. By being eco-friendly, organic, vegan and nickel tested, our products encourage the love for Apulia and nature. The Bio Eco Cosmesi AIAP (Italian Association for Organic Agricolture) certification is a further quality assurance for informed and ethical purchases.

Our products are natural, they are rich in essential oils and in organic and herbal ingredients that have various beneficial properties. They do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

In particular, our products are certified with Bio Eco Cosmesi AIAB certification as they satisfy the following principles:
– non-existence of non vegetable raw materials with allergens and irritating properties which are deemed harmful for humans;
– GMO-free;
– cruelty-free;
– agricultural and livestock products from certified organic farming only;
– products and packaging fully ecologically sustainable.

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